Friday, 12 April 2019

Sörmlandsleden Day 2 -Near end of Stage 1 to Tyresta (end of Stage 3)

Walking 7.15am to 3.50pm
Distance walked 20km

A cold night. My water bottle, which was on the ground, froze solid. Outside the forest there was a heavy frost but none amongst the trees so I put away a bone dry tarp.

At Skogshyddan (meaning forest cottage), the end of Stage 1, I arrived at a gravel road. There was a wooden building belonging to a nature reserve and a pair of dry toilets in a shed. Just perfect timing. I've used these in the summer when they are none too pleasant with flies buzzing.

Crossing the road, I followed a forest road for a while, passing Vretatorp, a forest worker's cottage, through more forest and alongside fields to reach Lake Öringesjön, walking on the edge of the lake with village houses quite close. I believe there is a food shop here but I had no need of it.

Finishing the 6.5km of Stage 2, I reached Alby friluftsgård, a large park area with outdoor leisure facilities and exercise equipment. Several people out and about. One man spoke to me. I said I didn't speak Swedish. He replied that he didn't speak English! So that was that.

Stage 3 to Tyresta was 13km. After 1km, I had a break at Nyfors, one of the area's former industrial sites operated by water power, over 500 years old. Now it's a pleasant grassed area next to water rapids tumbling over rocks.

Into more forest and alongside meadows, over undulating flat rocks and into Tyresta national park to the head of Lake Årsjön, following the western edge to a wind shelter and nearby dry toilet. It was much too early to consider overnighting here. In any event, there was a cold breeze coming off the lake so I just filled my water belt from the lake (adding a couple of chlorine tablets) and carried on. The water looked perfectly clear but the trail's website advises boiling before use.

I stopped for lunch at a crossing of paths. It was very quiet and deserted but two couples passed by and stopped for a chat, one walking a pair of dogs and the other, the husband, was Scottish, having lived in Sweden for forty years.

Just before Tyresta village is a camping area, no facilities but useful for the nearby visitor centre. Here was a cafe and various old wooden buildings. There were a few people around but not much seemed to be open so I didn't stop.

After no more ten minutes into Stage 4, I found my perfect and hidden pitch for the night. I could have gone further but today's distance was about right and on schedule. Amongst the trees it is absolutely still. There's been plenty of birdsong but now, at 9pm, it's absolutely quiet.

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  1. So, did you sleep with your water bottle next to you last night? :-)