Sunday, 24 May 2009

Day 50 Sunday - Cauldstane Slap to Beecraigs Country Park

Walking 7.30am to 3.30pm
Distance walked today 15 miles
Total distance walked 716 miles
Distance left 336 miles

It wasn't as windy as it might have been last night, given the location. There was only an intermittent light breeze this morning and the sun came out early.

It was an easy three miles down to Little Vantage on the A70 Lanark to Edinburgh road; a bit boggy in parts and, once or twice, it wasn't clear where the path was.

I received an email from Chris of Edinburgh who has been following this blog who wanted to meet up either yesterday or today. I replied and thought I might meet him this morning but he didn't show up. My phone had just about run out of charge so I couldn't make further contact with him.

I walked for a mile north east along the A70; it wasn't busy and I then took the minor road north to East Calder.

The road down to East Calder

A couple of miles further on, I joined a cycle route and then footpath to Uphall Station by the M8. After stopping for a pot of tea at the garden centre on the A89, I headed for Dechmont and then the signposted road to Beecraigs Country Park, taking the back route to it via North Mains.

Quite a lot of road walking today but, being Sunday, there wasn't much traffic. At the moment, I haven't a clue where I'll be tomorrow night.

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  1. Sorry to miss you. I had to go to work on Saturday and had other commitments yesterday, so missed you.

    Hope you things continue well. I am really enjoying reading your entries - especially now that you are walking through country I know quite well!