Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Day 46 Wednesday - Eskdalemuir to St. Mary's Loch

Walking 8.50am to 5.45pm
Distance walked today 13 miles
Total distance walked 666 miles
Distance left 386 miles

I had breakfast with Jean and Nora this morning - very civilised. I really appreciated their hospitality.

It wasn't raining when I left but it came on within two minutes!

I continued along the road I'd been on yesterday and left it at a farm called Glendearg and, after going through the farmyard, followed a largely non-existent path alongside Glendearg Burn. For anyone else taking this route, it is best to cross to the western side of the burn as soon as possible. I didn't and had to go back and made a few attempts in various places before I successfully got across.


The way between Dobs Craig and Eastside Knowe NT223072

The map clearly shows a track heading northwards but there was very little evidence of it. It was largely a case of taking bearings to features on the map that I could identify on the ground. Fortunately, I was following the course of the burn much of the way but it was hard going and the rain didn't help. Consequently, I only covered five miles in the first four hours.

Arrival at the forest track at NT219092

Ettrick Water

At lunchtime, around 1pm, I dropped down to a tarmac road at a farm called Nether Phawhope (NT212113) by Ettrick Water and joined the Southern Upland Way.

I followed this along the road for about three miles (only two vehicles passed me during this time). The Way then left the road at Scableuch Farm and headed steeply uphill alongside and above Scableuch Burn.

Alongside Scableuch Burn

Being a National Trail, the Way was well signposted and the path was easy to follow. I saw no-one else for the 4 1/2 miles to St. Mary's Loch. It was a nice walk with good views - not far reaching - of the hills round about, some forested.

The gradual descent to the loch was a good end to the day. I'm camped at the edge of the loch with a view across the water to the hills beyond. The site belongs to the Tibbie Shiels Inn.

In the bar, I got talking to Robin from Leicestershire, walking part of the Southern Upland Way. Small world - we have mutual friends, Debs & Drew, back home.
Overlooking the loch is a statue of James Hogg, the Ettrick Shepherd, a local writer and poet (1770-1835).

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  1. It looks a grand spot for the night. Only 386 miles to go ? Well it looks like the best miles are the ones left with that view.