Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Day 30 Monday - Alstonefield to Baslow

Walking 7.15am to 6.40pm
Distance walked today 20 miles
Total distance walked 432 miles
Distance left 620 miles

Vinnie and I walked together for the first two hours or so. Leaving Alstonefield along the lane by the YH camping barn, we dropped back down to Dovedale.

After about half a mile, we forked right up Biggin Dale.
and into the village of Biggin. By the Waterloo Inn, Vinnie went off to join the Pennine Bridleway nearby. I continued on through the village, crossing the A515 and followed the track road to the crossroads north of Mountain Ash Farm. Turning left, I followed the lane to the A5012. Before I reached it, I could hear a growing rumbling sound and, as I got closer, I saw a field with marquees and a large number of motorbikes, many of them choppers. I stopped and asked one of the departing motorcyclists what it was. He said it was an annual gathering (I didn't quite catch the name due to the sound of his revving bike) which attracts 400-500 motorcyclists from the UK and Europe. It was just finishing.

Across the main road, I took the path down into Gratton Dale, following this to the lane at Dale End. Then taking the path by Lowfields Far, I followed field paths into Youlgrave. Unfortunately, it being Bank Holiday Monday, all the shops (such as they were) were shut.

I left Youlgrave by the road opposite the church (noting for future reference that Church Farm offers simple camping facilities). Crossing several fields, there a clear view of Haddon Hall ahead.

Over the A6, I followed the path, road and then track up into Manners Wood and then down into the estate village of Edensor. From above the village was a superb view of Chatsworth House.

I was hoping I might just get to the tearoom in Edensor before it shut but it doesn't open on Mondays.

I followed the main path leading to Chatsworth House. There was a steady stream of visitors leaving. I headed for the woodland behind the house, following a clear route through it, eventually reaching the Eric Byne Campsite (200 yards from the Robin Hood pub). I'm the only one here.

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  1. I like mysteries.
    Hope you weren't struck by lightning or something - that would be a very bizarre and unexpected way to transmit an unfinished posting!