Thursday, 8 March 2018

Great English Walk - just over a week to the start

Not a lot to say. I've done a trial packing of the backpack I intend to use. It all seems to fit in and the weight is about 16lb minus food and fuel which isn't bad for a walk which could include wintery conditions.

I've printed out my Ordnance Survey maps of the route (scale 1:50,000) on to 57 sheets. The route has been highlighted with a fluorescent marker pen, making it much easier to see at a glance where I am on the route. I've also marked the route with a cross every ten miles (with a mileage number) so I can keep track of my progress. I aim to cover the best part of twenty miles a day. I'll take the sheets covering my route from Chepstow to Hathersage together with the route guide book Part 1. My wife is meeting me in Hathersage when I'll take a couple of days off. She'll hopefully remember to bring the remaining maps and guide book Part 2.

A number of very generous people have already made donations online to my Just Giving page. Thank you to everyone.

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