Saturday, 14 April 2018

Great English Walk Day 26 - 13 April 2018

Near to CB Inn, Arkengarthdale to Romaldkirk
Walking 8.00am to 7.00pm
Distance walked today 15 miles
Distance walked so far 400 miles
Distance left 183 miles*

Once again, many thanks to Lee for the provision of a pitch for the night. We were lulled to sleep by the rushing of the nearby river. Lee wasn't around when we left.

It was a foggy morning, again, as we continued our road walk up to The Stang. It was generally uphill most of the way, about three miles. Some of the forest had been felled and replanted. Further on, there would have been possibilities for stealth camping here and there.

After the forest, the quiet road continued to the A66 dual carriageway which was busy in both directions so we took our time in crossing safely. On then into Barnard Castle.

At the beginning of this walk, I had bought a cheap lightning to USB lead for my iPhone but, when connecting my iPhone to a battery pack for recharging, it had proved unreliable. Howard had lent me his but in Barnard Castle, a computer shop, Tinker Dog, was able to sell me a genuine Apple lead. The proprietor (whose name I forgot to ask) gave me a donation for Ucare, so kind.

Howard and I then went over the road to a cafe for egg and bacon sandwiches and coffee. Howard was heading back home from here tomorrow. I had planned to walk with him to his campsite so we went the short way to a footbridge over the River Tees. When we got to it, it was closed for some reason. Therefore, we parted company at that point, he to go back to town and to his campsite another way and I went on following the Teesdale Way alongside the river. It was generally a good path, although muddy in places. It was good to have had company for a couple of days.

Along the Tees
Near Cotherstone, however, it all came to grief, navigation-wise. My aim had been to find a wild camp further on in Hamsterly Forest. My route took me through a caravan park. First, I managed to exit it the wrong way. A farmer gave me directions but I couldn't find the right way. I found myself going through the caravan park again. A resident gave me directions but I found myself going in a circle again! To avoid a third visit to the caravan park, I crossed the bridge towards Cotherstone and rejoined the Teesdale Way but I couldn't find the path past a farm (Woden Croft) so made my way by the farm road to the B6277 into Romaldkirk. I clearly wasn't going to get to Hamsterly Forest before nightfall.

I thought of stealth camping in the churchyard but a couple I met, Charlie and Jeanette, walking their dog, Barney (the second Barney dog on this walk), offered me facilities at their home nearby. Absolutely amazing. We have spent a delightful evening over spaghetti bolognese and wine putting the world to rights and I've had a welcome shower. Were were later joined by their friend, Lesley and her dog. I shall spend a warm night stretched out on a settee in front of the fire.

A serendipitous end to the day.

* Mileage remaining - according to my maps, I have 161 miles left to do. I haven't stuck precisely to the GEW route by any means so this may account for the discrepancy. I'll work it out when I get home. I've certainly walked every inch of the way so far.

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  1. Well Gaffers
    Another great day with right results!

    Lots of nice people making your journey so much more memorable.

    So you've walked 25,344,000 inches as they say - by the inch it's a cinch, by the yard it's hard!
    Stride on!