Monday, 9 April 2018

Great English Walk Day 22 - 9 April 2018

Eastburn to south of Pateley Bridge
Walking 7.15am to 7.00pm
Distance walked today 17 miles
Distance walked so far 348 miles
Distance left 235 miles

I was able to set off this morning with all clothes washed. Thanks Mick and Julie for looking after me. See you both again soon, I hope.

It was a foggy morning as I road walked into Silsden, accompanied by busy early morning traffic. I was glad to be out the other side to the east to rejoin the route of the GEW. It was a long ascent but eventually worth it when I found myself above the fog, left behind in the valley below, and I was in bright sunshine.

It seemed in no time that I had reached the well defined path along the edge looking down on the scattered farms in Wharfedale and, further on, over Ilkley. I had the path to myself for most of the way but dog walkers eventually started appearing over Ilkley Moor. I made my way into the centre of the town. I would have liked to stay longer.

I followed the riverside path and then road walked to Denton, a delightful hamlet and then ascended to Denton Moor, quite featureless with no discernible path. However, the weather remained fine.

After Blubberhouses, I took the path on the right of the river , muddy at first, but not seeing either of the two bridges in the first half mile that were shown on the map. My route was continuing on the other side of the river but I went on along the right and then found a sign to Thruscross Reservoir which was what I wanted. The path then much improved.

Once past the reservoir, I followed lanes and field paths. Getting towards the day's end, a farmer I came across refused my request for camping so I went on. It started spitting with rain so I found a wild pitch as soon as I could, in the lee of a wall, well out of sight. The rain looks set for the night.

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  1. Hi Gaffers,
    A good day had and in sunshine, lovely!
    Wild pitches still serving you well good to see.
    Stride on!