Monday, 9 April 2018

Great English Walk Day 21 - 8 April 2018

Stanbury to Eastburn
Walking 8.15am to 1.45pm
Distance walked today 9 miles
Distance walked so far 321 miles
Distance left 255 miles

I can really recommend the camping at The Wuthering Heights Inn, a great place.

It was Sunday morning, it was going to be a short day so I had a leisurely start, leaving at 8.15. My original plan was to walk via Haworth, a place I haven't visited for many years. I headed off in that direction but the map was deceptive. Ahead, I could see the road ahead going downhill and then a wide sweep up and round a hillside and, suddenly, visiting the town didn't seem so necessary. Instead, I turned off and took the lane down to Lumb Foot, an interesting little hamlet of no more than a farm and maybe half a dozen dwellings. A sign indicated that it was twinned with Lhasa, Tibet. A delightful ancient stone bridge took me over the River Worth.

Just after Todley Hill Farm, a footpath (shown on the map as a bridleway) led across several fields for a good half mile but it wasn't easy. The stone stiles in the walls were the most difficult I've ever experienced, with very little in the way of protruding stones to place the feet on either side and the gaps at the top to climb through had been filled in. Altogether not a good stretch.

The gate to the next footpath was padlocked. Indeed, my guidebook from 1996 referred to this and the path wasn't good but it was easy to avoid by road walking (and probably quicker).

The rest of the walking was straightforward and I arrived at the home of Mick and Julie, fellow Backpackers Club members, as previously arranged, in good time to have lots of time catching up and making a fuss of Barney, the dog. We've had a lovely meal together and I feel refreshed for an early start in the morning. I think I prefer a short day like this to a complete day off.

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  1. Nice easy 9 mile Sunday Geoff? !!
    Glad to see great hospitality from Mick Julie & Barney.
    Have a great week.
    Stride on!