Saturday, 7 April 2018

Great English Walk Day 20 - 7 April 2018

Mill Bank, Ripponden to Stanbury
Walking 8.10am to 5.45pm
Distance walked today 17 miles
Distance walked so far 312 miles
Distance left 264 miles

I was invited in for a quick breakfast. Jim's routine is an early swim so off he went. Eileen sent me off with two hard boiled eggs - a lovely thought. Jim later made a donation online to Ucare - thank you Jim and Eileen.

Mill Bank, nr Ripponden

It started raining as I left, cleared up and then rained for much of the morning. I joined the Calderdale Way and this took me to Cragg Vale, a straggling village. Decision time - Hebden Bridge was next on my route. I could get to it via a long steep climb and then by high level moorland paths or by mainly flat roads. I took the latter although there were actually some hilly bits. The B road to Mytholmroyd had a pavement all the way and a lane and unmade roads took me all the way to Hebden Bridge, a place I like very much.

Cragg Vale
I had a mission here, to find the Rohan shop. I had a mishap yesterday. On this trip, I brought two pairs of Rohan underpants, one to wear and the other to be washed or washed and drying. I'd pinned a washed pair to my backpack to dry and, unfortunately, I must have caught the safety pin on something and the pants were lost somewhere. I can't make one pair last two weeks (no, really). So, two new replacements have been bought. Louise and Kerry in the Rohan shop were very sympathetic and helpful. 

The rain meant I didn't linger in Hebden Bridge and set off to find the way out towards Haworth. My route was to take me via Hardcastle Crags but I cut out that loop and took the route called Crimsworth Dean on the map, much more direct. 

Just before Haworth, a camping/caravan site is shown on the map. Called Westfield, it is now holiday lodges. Anyway, I had an alternative and made for Stanbury, just west of Haworth, and the Wuthering Heights Inn where they have an area set aside for campers with excellent facilities at a very reasonable price. Here I met Julie and Andy who were keen to hear of my epic journey so far.

Camping at Wuthering Heights

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  1. Good going Geoff,
    Liking Mytholmroyd, stayed there a number of times always looks like a model village coming off motorway!
    Pants get 4 days out of them inside, out, front and back+ day commando!
    Feel sorry for the poor sod who finds your discadeds, mind you they may feel lucky since just washed, I guess the magic is somewhere there? !!
    Stride on Gaffers!