Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Hertfordshire Way Day 4 - 21 August - St. Paul's Walden to Clothall

Started walking 8am
Distance walked 13 miles
Finished walking 6pm

The last plane went into Luton Airport at about midnight last night. Those directly overhead lit up my tarp through the trees with their lights and they were so loud. At 6am they took off again taking the same route over me.

The rain which came on yesterday evening continued all night but had just about stopped by the time I set off.

By arrangement, I called in to meet Ellie near Titmore Green. In fact, she and dogs came out to meet me as I approached. Facebook is an amazing thing. I last saw Ellie (she was Elaine then) 55 years ago when we left primary school. Although still living in the same town, we attended different senior schools and our paths never crossed. I'm sure it's true to say that I've never met anyone before after such a long break. We enjoyed exchanging life stories and she plied me with bacon and egg rolls and coffee. I came away with a tub of home made cakes left over from a do the day before.

Old school friends!
The next village was Little Wymondley where my paternal grandparents once lived. Then Great Wymondley and on to Graveley where I had lunch in the churchyard. I thought my grandparents might be buried here as they lived here before moving to Wymondley but I couldn't find a grave. I must do some research.

Graveley church

Next was Weston after a delightful two miles of field paths and park land. I used to cycle through Weston many times but after so many years, it didn't look at all familiar. I bought my supper from the excellent village shop.

An interesting well at Weston
Clothall should also have looked familiar but it didn't. I rang my friend Steve who lives near Royston and we agreed to make contact tomorrow morning. He'll pick me up to go to his home for the night and hopefully deposit me back on Wednesday morning.

Just past Clothall, I've found another wood to overnight in. There is aircraft noise but it's not intrusive. In fact, the pigeons are noisier.

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