Saturday, 19 August 2017

Hertfordshire Way Day 1 - 18 August - Tring to Great Gaddesden

Started walking 2.15pm
Distance walked 6 miles
Finished walking 5.40pm

Why the Hertfordshire Way? It's not particularly challenging and there are no steep hills as far as I am aware. Nevertheless, I was born and grew up in the county and had a wish to see some of it. I haven't lived there for many years, long before I discovered walking for pleasure.

I only have time for one week so I plan to walk clockwise on the section which I think will be the most attractive. I also have some people to visit along the way. Officially, the Way starts at Royston, on the border with Cambridgeshire but I will join it at the nearest point to where I live, Tring. With a week to play with and about eighty miles, I shall finish at Bishop's Stortford.

By means of various buses, I arrived at Tring and walked a mile to Tring Station where I picked up the Hertfordshire Way. Before I had even placed one foot in front of the other, the heavens opened. However, it didn't last long and it became quite sunny.

After the village of Aldbury, the way ascended into the woodland of Ashridge Park, owned by the National Trust. It was quite busy in parts and I sped past the café which was quite unlike me!

At Great Gaddesden, I passed by the Amaravati Buddhist monastery. Crossing the main road in the village, there was a climb up to woodland where I cooked my evening meal. There was a deluge of rain so I decided to overnight here and found a spot completely hidden.

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