Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Pennine Way Day 0 and a half at Edale

Having brought my Wainwright Pennine Way Companion vintage 1975 with me, I decided on a walk this morning along the old course of the PW. This involved a rocky clamber up Grindslow Clough to the Kinder plateau. It certainly got the leg muscles working. The day being sunny and clear, the views were pretty good. There was a stone slab path and so I assumed that the old PW route to Kinder Downfall had been made easier but this isn't the case. The old route continued unpaved and although it was tempting to follow it, time didn't allow. Instead, the stone slabs took me up to Grindslow Knoll and it was then a long descent back to Edale for lunch and a lazy afternoon. I found I had a phone signal on the descent and ascertained that Mike is at Castleton, in the neighbouring valley.

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