Friday, 8 May 2015

TGO Challenge travel

Had a good night`s sleep on the train which arrived exactly on time at 7.20 at Glasgow Central. William and I went off to find a Wetherspoons for breakfast. Later, we parted company and I went to look for a barber where I had the shortest haircut that I've had for many a year. Ideal for a long hike.

Challengers gathered at Queen Street station during the morning. I met up with Darren. Although we're both walking solo, our routes coincide for most of the first four or five days. Our train for Mallaig left at 12.20, a five and a half hour journey. There was a little rain and a flurry of snow at one point but there was sunshine and clear skies most of the way. Of course, the scenery was stunning but the journey was long. I made my way to the Mission Bunkhouse to settle in for my stay overnight. Later Darren and I, and another Challenger, Mark went for a meal. Later met met Gayle and Mick (Gayle of Mick is doing the Challenge, whilst Gayle is heading east to help man Challenge Control for the second week. I later watched the TV news with the election exit poll forecast. Will find out more in the morning.

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