Thursday, 7 May 2015

TGO Challenge - the Off

Train up to Paddington and then Euston station where I collected my tickets for the overnight sleeper to Glasgow at 23.50. Then across the road to the Bree Louise which seems to have become the place to be for Challengers to gather before travelling north after a meal and a few beers. Most of those present left for the 9.15 sleeper to Inverness. A few minutes before that train was due to leave, I spied on a window ledge two map carriers filled with route maps, belonging to *** (he knows who he is). He was planning to walk solo I believe so would be stuffed without them. What to do? I dashed to the station, glanced at the departure boards and ran to platform 15. With three minutes to spare, I`d located him and reunited him with his maps (which he hadn't realised he didn't have). Mission accomplished.

Back to the Bree. It was just me and William Burton, from Barbados. A new friend made. A while later, we made our way to our sleeper and were soon on our way north as well.


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    1. He does indeed know who he is ... and was most grateful. Your efforts spared him the cost of an OS map at Kyle of Lochalsh (although, if push really had come to shove, he thinks he could probably have navigated his way from Dornie to Tomich - where the next set of maps were waiting in his resupply parcel - without maps).

      Unfortunately for him, he was sitting in the lounge car with Sloman and Walker (or was it Lambert? Or maybe all three) when you came charging down the platform ... and you can I am sure guess what THEY had to say about it!!!