Friday, 23 May 2014

South Downs Way

I shall be walking the South Downs Way, from Winchester to Eastbourne, in a few days time. I'm quite excited, not having done a week's backpack since last June. I plan to wild camp each night, using a tarp (Golite Cave 1) but also intend taking a bivy bag for those nights when it's not expected to rain so that I can watch the stars. A new bit of kit I shall also be taking is an Ortlieb water belt. When wild camping, I have to pick up water well in advance of stopping for the night, especially in an area where water may be scarce. Carrying, say, two litres of water in a pack adds considerably to the weight of a pack. Carrying it not in a pack can look a bit conspicuous. Wearing it like a belt seems a good idea. I've tried it out at home and it's very comfortable around my waist and the weight wasn't really noticeable. I'll report back on this after the trip.

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