Friday, 28 June 2013

South West Coast Path - Friday 28 June

It rained all last evening and the cows appeared and made their way over to me. My main concern was that they'd trip over the guys which extend several feet from each end of the tarp but they didn't. They snorted and breathed heavily around me for a bit, ate a bit of grass and then moved away.

This morning I was away by 5.30. The last steep ascent of the path was just a few feet into today's walk. The chapel at St. Aldhelm's Head was open (literally - even the door was open) so I had a look around inside.

Tilly Whim Caves (closed since 1976)
The path for few miles to Durlston Head was easy enough but much of it was surfaced with a fine tilth which, because of the rain, accumulated on my shoes in great clumps. Then it was a good path into Swanage. First stop the library for thirty minutes on a computer which enabled me to put a bit of charge on the phone. Then to the YH where I was able to reserve a bed in a dorm for after 2pm. I was very hungry by this time and gorged on possibly the best fish and chips ever at the Fish Plaice followed by a pint of Piddle at the White Swan (where they offer free phone charging while you're there). One of those amazing coincidences then happened. Friends Robin and Faith from Bristol came in for lunch, having come in to Swanage on the steam train from Norden. We hadn't known the other(s) were going to be anywhere near Swanage, let alone that pub at that particular time.

Now back at the YH with some healthy food for later and tomorrow. Had a first shower for a week. My shoes are outside the dorm room. They don't smell nice.

View from YH dorm window
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