Saturday, 6 April 2013

SWCP Day 2

Last night was very windy. Using the tarp, I had it pitched low as I was in quite an exposed spot. Unfortunately, the wind buffeted the tarp all night and the tarp buffeted me! I got a fair amount of sleep but woke every hour or so.

I was away by 7.20 and headed for Woolacombe. It was still very windy but the early sun started to warm me up. The 24 hour loos in Woolacombe were shut! I got some lunch from the Londis store and stopped for second breakfast overlooking Woolacombe Sands.

Woolacombe Sand

Grunta Beach

Then on to Morte Point which was just lovely. Turning the corner I was now facing east and out of the sun. The path went by Bull Point lighthouse and on to Lee where I stopped for a pint and crisps at the Grampus Inn.

The path to Morte Point

Morte Point

After that it was a good sunny walk into Ilfracombe which was quite busy with holidaymakers. I didn't stay long. I continued on to Watermouth, Berrynarbor and then Combe Martin, passing straight through. The path skirted Little Hangman and over Great Hangman and then dropped down very steeply into Sherrycombe. Here I collected water from the stream and pitched at 7.40pm a little way up the hill on the other side shortly before dark.

Above Sherrycombe
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  1. I like the tarp set up. What tarp is it? Your trips are inspiring me to do the SWCP soon. Andrew.

  2. It's a Golite Cave which I've had for twelve years and still going strong. It's available still in kit form only from There are a lot more tarps on the market now but very few are as good, in my opinion.