Friday, 18 May 2012

Challenge Day 8 May 18

It rained lightly all through the night. I heard what may have been a stag. I'm not sure what the noise they make is called. Barking? Roaring? Anyway, it was quite close.

Black slugs were all over the place this morning. They seem to be attracted to metal. I often find at least one on the pan I heat water in for morning coffee. They soon drop away as the pan warms up.

Yesterday morning, I found that my gas cartridge was empty which I suspect may have been due to me not having turned it off fully. My plan B then came into operation. I'd brought with me a tiny meths stove which, when turned upside down, has a smooth surface on which I can burn white fuel tablets and I'd brought a few with me. They've seen me through yesterday morning and evening and this morning. They're surprisingly good, at least in relatively calm conditions. I've now got more gas.

This morning, we continued east through Tummel Forest along the forest road. We looked down to the power station at Tummel Bridge and the vast forest clearance operation going on. Going by Loch Bhac, we then left the forest, going on to a heather moor, on a clear path, quite muddy and underwater in places.

There was then a far off view of Blair Castle and the long descent into Blair Atholl which we reached around 2pm. We stopped for a quick restorative at the Atholl Arms Hotel and decided we would eat there later. We then went to pitch at the Bridge of Tilt site where our resupply parcels were waiting. Hot showers were then had, the first since last Saturday.

Love the leaded windows!

The food at the Atholl Arms was very good. Black Pudding Skirlie starter followed by macaroni cheese with garlic bread. The beer is excellent - Moulin - brewed locally and a single malt, Edragour. A few other Challengers were there as well, including Martin and Sue, continuing their B&B trek! A nice end to a quite short day.
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  1. A “Bleet” if the deer is female or a “Roar” if it’s a male.
    Good job you had the foresight to take a different cooking solution.