Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Challenge Day 6 Wednesday May 16

Today was basically a dry day. It tried to rain a few times but never came to anything.

Leaving King's House and Glencoe, we followed the track east, leaving the West Highland Way. After two miles, we came to Black Corries Lodge. There is now a signed footpath around it instead of going through the grounds. Not a problem. We rejoined the track and continued to its end at NN333549. The mountain views, particularly to the south all morning were beautiful, the tops facing north and east being snow covered. The track then abruptly became a path. We lost it very quickly, losing height gradually until we were closer to some water to the south. We moved uphill to where there was a line of telegraph poles in a line east and then found the path. It wasn't difficult to follow but it was muddy and boggy for much of its route and wet feet became the order of the day again.

Eventually, we entered a fenced forest area and a forest road. It was then a really nice forest walk, ending just before Rannoch Station. In the forest, I stopped to wring the water out of my socks. Frank and Bert went on ahead. Moving on, I came across some folk with four large dogs, fortunately restrained. When I caught up with the others, I was told that the dogs had been loose and one of them had gone for Bert, maybe not liking the look or smell of him (after all, we haven't had showers since Saturday night).

By Rannoch Station is the Moor of Rannoch Hotel. We'd been discussing what we'd have there. I fancied a pot of tea and a scone with jam and cream. It was closed.

From there it was an easy road walk to Bridge of Gaur, our day's end. Bert has been suffering from bad blisters for some time and they have been particularly bad today. He is thinking of getting a taxi to Blair Atholl to get himself sorted out, possibly with lightweight trail shoes. Frank and I will reach Blair Atholl the day after tomorrow.

Frank had been fantasising about finding a nice little B&B, but it was not to be. We have found a very quiet pitch just off route at NN502563 off a vehicle track by a burn, Allt an Fheadain. I've washed my feet in the burn. They feel really nice now but will have to wait for hot water to get rid of all the ingrained dirt.

We've walked 17.6 miles today. It's raining now but very half heartedly.

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  1. Enjoying the Blog, If you had not turned right to go over the Bridge of Gaur and carried on for 250 yrd you would have found us at the Bridge of Gaur guesthouse where messers Sloman and Walker were in residence ! Good luck for the rest of the challenge. Eddie and Heather,