Saturday, 12 May 2012

Challenge Day 2 12 May

Woke up to a lovely clear sunny morning. We were away by 8.45 and were soon following a clear path through forest, wet and muddy in parts but at least no chance of anything knee deep. There was tree felling going on. No chain saws now. Instead, a man sits in a JCB-like cab of a machine which grasps a tree, severs it at just above ground level, then scrapes a section at a time of brash and cuts it so that a tree is cut into maybe four clean logs. It was fascinating to watch.

Cleared forest on the way to Furnace
Double bridge near Furnace

We stopped briefly at the Furnace Inn and then followed the path alongside the north of Loch Fyne. The weather of this morning continued all day.

Loch Fyne
Our companion for much of the day was Ian Cotterill. We went for a meal at The George at Inverary which was heaving. Frank had earlier mentioned having a loose tooth. It came out during the meal and went flying. The hotel staff provided a torch and we scrabbled around under the table looking for it. We thought we'd found it but it was an orange pip. He tried it for size but rejected it. Shame, as it looked much healthier than the tooth itself, which we found a minute or so later. Maybe the tooth fairy will come tonight.

George Hotel, Inverary
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