Friday, 25 May 2012

Challenge Day 14 May 24

Another hot day. A number of Challengers set off early for the eight or so miles to the coast, depending on their chosen finishing points. We weren't due to meet Bert at St. Cyrus until midday so were in no great rush. We left shortly before 9am.

It was a road walk all the way but the roads were rural and quiet. Entering St. Cyrus, we made for the cliff top where we found Bert on a bench at the top of the cliff path, high above the beach. The tide was out a fair way from the wide, flat beach. Frank and I made our way down the stony zigzag path and dipped our shoes in the sea.

We then repaired to a café for a bite to eat and then caught a bus into Montrose where we checked out at Challenge Control at the Park Hotel, obtained our certificates and T-shirts and then to the camp site to get pitched with all the other Challengers who were already there and others who arrived after us.

In the evening we ate at the Picture House as we weren't going to the Challenge dinner. Unfortunately, they've stopped serving real ale as they can't sell it. Such a difference between the beer drinking habits of the Scots and the English, and yet, we had very good locally brewed beer - the Moulin Brewery - at the Atholl Arms in Blair Atholl.

We went to the Park Hotel afterwards for the speeches and awards. An award was given to Bill Robertson, aged 78, who completed his 30th crossing this year. He's such a self-effacing man, he always checks out and goes straight home. Many have never seen him.

The oldest successful Challenger was aged 89.

Another good end to another Challenge (my third).
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  1. Well done each. Really enjoyed your crossing.
    Have a good evening tonight.