Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Challenge Day 12 May 22

Woke up at 5am and happened to notice two ticks embedded in the back of my wrist so occupied a couple of minutes removing them. Then slept till 7, by which time, the sun was well up and it was really warm.

Looking back to the bothy
From Shielin of Mark, it was a case of aiming generally for the right hand shoulder of Muckle Cairn, a distance of a mile or so. It wasn't nearly so wet underfoot as last year but was rough walking, with no path; just plenty of heather, bog and rough grass. On attaining the track which crosses the top, we then walked along it until we reached the track down into Glen Lee. A short way along here, we came across a burn which crosses the track on its way down to Water of Lee. It was flat and calm, crossable by stepping stones. What a contrast to last year when it was a fast flowing torrent. 

The same burn a year ago!
Stopped for second breakfast at Stables of Lee, going inside to be out of the sun. Frank thought it should be first lunch but conceded when he realised that it was only 10.15. It was a tuna roll for him whatever we called the occasion.

First lunch proper was had at the Kirkton end of Loch Lee. From there, we took the direct off road path to Tarfside, arriving at about 2.30. We headed straight to St. Drostan's Hostel where, each year the hostel offers food and accommodation to Challengers, manned by Challenger volunteers. After refreshment and some good company, we went down the road to pitch. As far as I can count, there are now 59 tents pitched here.

We were told that 52 Challengers have withdrawn from the event, one of the reasons being exhaustion. More detail will be in the Final Report in due course.

It's been really hot today. One and a half days to go.

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