Saturday, 12 May 2012

Challenge Day 1 10 May

Distance walked 13.5 miles

It started to rain around 7 am and we packed in light rain. It cleared by 10 and was dry for the rest of the day.

Leaving the camp site at 8.30, we caught a bus to Ardrishaig and signed our names on the clipboard at the Grey Gull Inn. There were eleven Challengers on the list and the other eight had all overnighted at the Grey Gull, later all saying that the food and accommodation had been excellent.

The Grey Gull Inn at Ardrishaig
We then made our way to the Crinan Canal and followed the towpath back to Lochgilphead, continuing on to Cairnbaan. We caught up with a few other Challengers. There were Martin (blogging at Postcard from Timperley) and Sue Banfield, Vicky Allen, Mildred Scott and a couple of others.

We stopped for coffee at the Cairnbaan Hotel. The three of us then went on our way. I had marked the route on my map and it was here that I realised the Frank and Bert's route was totally different from mine! We're supposed to be a team but, they living a little distance from me, I hadn't been party to all the discussions.

Anyway, it wasn't a problem. We followed a forest path and then road to Bridgend and beyond, eventually reaching a forest. The walking was easy and we followed vehicle tracks for two miles or so until the track just came to an end. The map showed a path continuing on but our route vetter had told us a better route was to take a path doubling back and upwards until we reached a firebreak. This was followed for about a mile. It was very wet and boggy in places. My leg went in quite deep in one place.

Do they throw them at their customers??

We eventually emerged at the end of the forest and our stop for the night was in sight. We are camped by Carron Bothy. A good first day.

Carron Bothy
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  1. Day 1 down and hope your share some photos with the words. But so far so good.