Wednesday, 18 May 2011

TGO Challenge - Day 5 Tuesday 17 May

No sign of rain this morning. We stowed away our first resupply parcels and bought more food and other essentials from McVeans supermarket in Fort Augustus. It was only when I found they didn't sell gas that I discovered the Londis attached to the garage. It sells gas and meths and is much better stocked.

We left Fort Augustus by the lane past the burial ground opposite the golf course and followed signs for the Corrieyairack Pass. It was a long but gradual ascent of about 11km, all along a rough track but with good views all the way. It rained a bit and got quite blustery as we neared the summit.

Then it was a long descent of about another 11km down the other side to our wild camp by the River Spey at Garva Bridge. There are about fifteen Challengers camped here. It's now raining and seems set for the night.
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