Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Waterproof socks

For some years, I've thought the concept of waterproof socks a good idea. Obviously, with boots with a waterproof membrane, they aren't necessary. However, I'm not now particularly keen on boots, apart from in winter when, for me, boots are really the only option. I have found that, however well the boots have been fitted for me, I still get blisters, usually on my heels.

I've come to love wearing trail shoes. Over the years, I got through about six pairs of Merrell Exotechs and then the updated Motovator. They were supremely comfortable with a good Vibram sole. They weren't waterproof but with SealSkinz socks they were very good and I walked 500 miles of the South West Coast Path with them. I knew my size and periodically I'd just order another pair online. However, the Motovator was discontinued a few years ago and nothing replaced it with a decent sole tread. My SealSkinz then failed. The inner membrane then seemed to come adrift between the inner and outer layers. I sent them back to SealSkinz and they replaced them with another pair but after a few outings, they let water in. Waterproof socks that weren't waterproof. Not good. Since then I've sent two more pairs back for the same reason. This week, I've received a third pair and we'll see how they perform. Full marks to SealSkinz (the company) for not quibbling but surely I can't be alone in finding the socks unsatisfactory.

Whilst on the internet this week, I found that Trekmates do a waterproof sock, the Amphibian, selling for £29.99. It's somewhat different from the SealSkinz product. The latter can be worn in place of a normal sock but the former is intended to be worn over a normal sock. Anyway, it seems that the Amphibian is being discontinued and Trekmates are getting rid of their remaining stock. All they have is size Small for shoe size 6-7. This should do me and, at a sale price of £9.99 plus p&p they seemed worth trying. I'll post my findings in due course. If they are good, I wonder why they are being discontinued.

On my Exmoor outing last week, I wore Inov-8 Roclites with ordinary socks. My feet got wet a few times but dried out. I don't have a problem with blisters caused by wet feet. I just don't like the initial sensation of my feet suddenly getting wet but, after a while, most of the water goes out and my feet warm up. I think, on balance, I'm prepared to put up with this rather than suffer blisters in boots. At the moment, I'm planning to wear shoes on the TGO Challenge in May. They were superb on the last section from Braemar to the end last year.


  1. There a bargain Geoff. I have my Amphibians for over a year and had no issues with them. They seem a big baggy but it has not been an issue. Ideal to have in case its wet and cold.

  2. Thanks for the tip, that was a cracking price, So I bought 2 pairs!! Luckily they were in a suitable size for me, quick delivery to. Once again thanks for the tip Geoff!