Saturday, 28 August 2010

Dartmoor - Friday

A little rain overnight and woke to a misty morning. It soon cleared, however, and we were ready to start walking at 9.30. We went north from East Okement Farm for maybe half a mile with Harter Hill on our right before heading east on a good track down to Cullever Steps, where we turned north to make a wide sweep around Belstone Common rising up to our right. We crossed the remains of Irishman's Wall.

After all the rain of the last few days, we had to expect wet paths and boggy bits and, in this, we weren't disappointed. All three of us were wearing trail shoes - very comfy but the wet went straight in and, fortunately, straight out again. This was repeated a number of times during the day. Nice not to have blisters though.

We saw what to us was a strikingly unusual and beautiful bird which co-operated while we took photos. I think it may be a wheatear but I'm not sure. The photos don't actually do it justice.

Scorhill stone circle
Teign-e-ver clapper bridge

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