Thursday, 22 July 2010

Pocketmail RIP

I thought I'd just check out the Pocketmail website and see if anything had changed in the last few months. It wasn't available so I googled Pocketmail only to discover that POCKETMAIL IS NO MORE - see Seems it's gone down the pan and I'm not really surprised. I really lost patience with mine on my LEJOG in 2009. I would type in a day's posting, locate a payphone and generally find
  • the phone didn't work
  • there was no phone in the phone box
  • the phone was working but I couldn't upload the email
Sometimes, I would be surprised but, in the end, I just lost patience. Fortunately, I had bought a pay-as-you-go Blackberry Pearl a couple of days before the start of my walk and I tended to use that and the Pocketmail was sent home. The joy of the Pocketmail was that I wasn't reliant on either a phone signal or the device being charged as the it ran on AA batteries which lasted a long time. However, it was very old technology and it was surely only a matter of time before it became totally obsolete. 

I clearly wasn't the only one who found the Pocketmail annoying - see Pocketmail has ruined my life

1 comment:

  1. As you know, I rather liked my Pocketmail. But mine did only fail to transmit, for no apparent reason, on one occasion, and being the newer of the models (newer in the whole scale of obsolete, that is!), it did work with any mobile phone as well as with landlines.

    I might well have reactivated it for this year's Big Walk, except that the website didn't seem to exist anymore. As it went, the Blackberry worked so well that I'm quite happy with the Blackberry for the future - and it's lighter (even with 2 spare batteries and a charger) and cheaper to run too.