Friday, 14 May 2010

TGO Challenge Thursday 13th

A lovely day (so far) for travelling to the start of the Challenge. I believe we may head into rain later. We (that's me, Frank and Gill) are cheerful and full of optimism. Two other Challengers joined the train with us at Rugby. There will be many more as we converge on Glasgow and then Fort William.

Our day started early, boarding the 6.17 train at Northampton, changing at Rugby for the very fast service to Glasgow. We were at Carlisle by 9.15.

I was very impressed with what I've seen of the centre of Glasgow although maybe the weather helped. A long weekend here would be nice.

An early lunch (chicken tikka masala) was had at Bonapartes on Glasgow Queen Street Station before the train to Fort William. Lots of Challengers were gathered here and it was good to see some familiar faces, including some other bloggers. For anyone who wants a change from this blog, try or
They'll both be blogging the Challenge.

The final train of the day to Fort William was packed with Challengers, full of cameraderie. The weather became quite overcast and it started to rain as we travelled northwards but the scenery more than made up for it. It was a long, quite slow journey, the train seeming to struggle at times as it wended its way around the desolate wild country. Rannoch Moor was particularly forbidding. It was a four hour journey, about the same as Rugby to Glasgow!

We had a couple hours to kick our heels in Fort William before our last transport link, the Glasgow-Portree coach which took us to Dornie where we are now pitched on a very nice site overlooking Loch Long with mountains behind - perfect.
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  1. Sounds nicer than being sat in an office overlooking an industrial estate. Looking forward to reading your blog as you cross Scotland.

  2. Let me know if you see a solitary walker/camper! Oh yes there will be loads of them!! Dont like it when he cant text to say he is OK.