Saturday, 22 May 2010

TGO Challenge Day 9 Saturday 22 May - Hut at NJ180980 to Braemar

Walking 8.00-11.30
Miles walked today - 6
Total miles walked - 118
Distance left - 61

It rained most of last evening and there was a torrential hail storm which hammered loudly on the metal roof of our hut. Nevertheless, we spent a peaceful night and were up and about earlier than usual.

It was an easy and clear walk into Braemar, much of it downhill. We took a wrong turn along an estate road and found ourselves on tracks that weren't shown on the OS map but they were going in the right direction so we weren't too bothered. We skirted by Invercauld House, home of the Farquhar family since the 1700s. Somehow they've managed to keep hold of their money all that time. A lovely house.

A woodland path took us through the outskirts of Balmoral Castle (we have to go back that way tomorrow) to The Invercauld Caravan Club site - excellent facilities and a shower and shave made a lot of difference, although it wasn't until I was stepping into the shower that I realised I didn't have my towel with me and my T-shirt had to suffice.

The heel blisters continue to be my constant companions so I've bought a pair of Inov8 Rocklite trail shoes and the shop will post my boots home at no charge to me. Let's hope the feet are more comfortable from now on.

The weather is quite got now and I'm enjoying what's left of a lazy day with today's paper.
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