Friday, 21 May 2010

TGO Challenge Day 7 Thursday 19 May - Glenmore Campsite, Loch Morlich to wild camp at Faindouran Bothy NJ082061

Walking 9.15-7.00
Miles walked - 13
Total miles walked - 101
Distance left - 74

The prospect of another nice weather day. We are so lucky (now it will rain all day tomorrow).

Our route took us east, past Glenmore Lodge, a national outdoor training centre. It was then a rough surfaced trail past An Lochan Uaine, a delightful lochan ideal for a quick dip (we didn't).

We then took a right fork and then, after a mile, a right into Strath Nethy, where the Garbh Allt, a clear, fast-flowing burn was our companion all day. We lunched by it and drank from it more than once. Higher up, we trudged through more snow. In one or two places, the snow completely covered the burn, forming a tunnel of maybe 100 feet.

Eventually, after something over seven miles we reached The Saddle, a magnificent viewpoint overlooking Loch Avon (A'an) and mountains to the immediate south and far reaching views eastwards.

Our aim then was to walk the 1.5 miles to the Fords of Avon (A'an) and cross the river there. After much debate, however, we decided not to ("bottled out" is the term) - the river was a little too wide and fast-flowing and we didn't want those at home to be reporting a claim on life policies. This was unfortunate as we had to switch to our FWA (foul weather alternative) route which means an extra day's walking, although we are a day ahead of ourselves so it's not a great problem, just a little annoying. Better to be alive though.

We walked on some four miles to Faindouran Bothy, where we are camped outside, apart from Gill, who opted to sleep in the bothy, never having slept in one before. We haven't told her of the possibility of mice. Here also, we found Bill again, having parted company with him yesterday in Aviemore.
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