Saturday, 5 September 2009

TGO Challenge 2010

Well, here's some excitement. I've been invited to join a team to take part in the 31st TGO Challenge next year in the last two weeks of May. I'm about to complete the application form. Of course, we may not be selected as entry is limited to 300. The other team members are Frank and Gill. They are going to be planning the route to start with although I hope I can contribute something. Planning the gear to take will also need much care. The weather can be atrocious in the Scottish Highlands although, as I found earlier this year, it can also be superb! Will we take food for the whole two weeks with us or will we resupply along the way? There'll be more postings on this topic as time goes on.


  1. Ooh! Well done Geoff - You will have a whale of a time.

    There's nothng too special on the kit front at all - just a positive mental attitude and blister free footwear. But you know all about that!

    I am entering the draw with Lord Elpus once more.

  2. I agree with Alan, normal backpacking kit (preferably including a breathable tent), waterproof boots (contentious, but some of us prefer to have dry feet!), and a good pair of gloves just in case...
    See you there, I hope.