Thursday, 13 August 2009

Walking plans

I'm beginning to look ahead a bit and schedule in some backpacking trips. First up - I find I have the weekend after next to my self (to which I can probably add a day). I have a choice of some rather good walks that would take three days or so. There's the Donnington Way (61 miles), the Cotswold Ring (55 miles) and the North Cotswold Diamond (60 miles).

Next April, I'm hoping to latch on to a friend's already planned walk from Banbury to Bath, 86 miles along the Macmillan Way Cross Cotswold Pathway. I'm also planning a coast to coast walk some time next year. This is the North of England Way from Ravenglass to Scarborough - I think it's 206 miles.

Before then I'm off down to Devon at the end of this month with a Backpackers Club walk from Ivybridge to Okehampton, south to north over Dartmoor, three nights wild camping.


  1. Are you thinking of wild pitching on those middle England routes?. Short routes like that would be quite attractive as fillers but wild pitching must be difficult.
    Strange, I'm a member of LDWA and I've not heard of the North of England Way before, but we did a C2C route from Ravenglass to Berwick-upon-Tweed.

  2. I'll plan to wild camp where I can do so discreetly. It's not too difficult. The North of England Way has an entry on the LDWA site - see
    I did Ravenglass to Lindisfarne last year - see last September on this blog.