Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Day 67 Wednesday - Loch Choire to Kinbrace

Walking 8.00am to 3.15pm
Distance walked today 17 miles
Total distance walked 1005 miles (now, doesn't that look impressive?)
Distance left 55 miles

I spent a peaceful night in the bothy. Those responsible for it have taken a lot of trouble over it.

Loch Choire bothy

There was no need for a compass today. I followed the track along the south side of Loch Choire. I chatted to the housekeeper of Loch Choire House, who's from Hampshire, although her husband, the stalker, who I also met, is very Scottish. Along the way, I met the estate handyman, who is from the Czech Republic.

I took the track east, rather than the estate road, just past Loch Choire House. There were numerous deer around here but, as usual, they moved on as soon as they became aware of my presence. I then rejoined the estate road and followed this for eight miles to Badanloch Lodge - very easy walking. All along this road, there were superb open views from the west right round to the east. I passed by lochs I've never heard of - Truderscaig, Rimsdale, an Alltan Fhearna and Badanloch.

Loch Badanloch

I'm not good at bird identification, but I was definitely circled today by some very vocal curlew and I also saw many golden plovers.

Joining the B871, I followed this, passing by Loch Achnamoine, for the remaining four miles to Kinbrace. I moved off the road for a vehicle coming up behind me, only to find it was Amanda in the support campervan. She went on to put the kettle on.


  1. It's lovely up there Geoff - where else in Britain would you meet people on the way and chat and find out about their lives?

    They seem to have time up there for the important things in life and it rubs off on you.

    Not far now Geoff,
    All the best

  2. Hello Geoff
    Still following your progress with interest. Not much further to go now. Brilliant- well done! Look forward to seeing you and hearing all about your amazing adventure when you get back.
    Love to Amanda.
    Take care, Jane and David

  3. glad you liked the loch choire bothy, spent a few nights in there myself when i worked there 94-96, good times, Calum