Sunday, 21 June 2009


A week after I stopped walking, I'm still getting up in the mornings with legs stiff as a board - calf muscles contracted, achilles tendons tight and stiff ankle joints. I stomp downstairs and, gradually, movement returns. Swollen ankles as well. Nobody said it would be like this. Maybe I should have walked for another week or so, reducing each day.

Back to work tomorrow. Am I looking forward to it?


  1. Geoff - You have completed a walk of a lifetime - sensationally well done Sir!

    The aches and pains wills soon pass - I suffered from tingling toes for quite a few weeks - which were actually quite a nice physical reminder of the walk.

    Well done Geoff. Bloody good effort!

  2. Full of admiration. Good luck with the readjustment to "normal" life.

  3. You now deserve "tea and symnpathy" from your fans. Enjoy!

    I had no physical aftereffects (my body just screamed "relief"), but it took a few days to wonder how I could afford the time to just sit around.


  4. Think positive . . . try this?

    "Life is lighter without a pack,
    My legs don't feel I'm on the rack;
    I spend the weekend in the sack,
    And I've got no plans to walk right back."

  5. "And I've got no plans to walk right back..."

    And this from chap who did just that and went and did in in reverse!


    Be careful there, Geoff!