Friday, 3 April 2009


Success right at the last moment. Isn't that typical? I received a very nice apologetic email from Neil at Pocketmail and because of all the messing about, they've reduced my subscription charge for the three month period applied for by one third. So, now all is OK for postings to this blog by email.

Last day at work today for a while. It all seems very strange. I've had my hair cut shorter than I've had it for a long time. Donations to my charity at are now exceeding my original target. Thanks very much to everyone who has given so generously. As I walk through my home town, £5 & £10 notes are thrust at me and people call out to wish me good luck. It's amazing.

Amanda and I set off for Cornwall tomorrow morning, overnight with friends Chris and Stella near Truro tomorrow night and then, on Sunday morning, I'll be driven down to Land's End and left there.


  1. Geoff,have a wonderful time I will be following your progress with interest.

  2. It's a weird feelig driving down the south west - you keep thinking to yourself - "this is a long way to walk back!" And that's just the little bit in the south west. It brings the enormity of what you are setting out to do into sudden reality.

    Good luck with it all Geoff