Sunday, 12 April 2009

Day 7 Saturday - Treworra Barton to Lifton

Walking 8.10am to 4.30pm
Distance walked 15 miles
Distance left 970 miles

The temperature dropped below freezing last night. The tarp had beads of ice on it. It was a lovely morning yet again. John even brought me a mug of tea. What a perfect host!

From Tremail I took a footpath route to cut across to the lane leading up to Hallworthy. It wasn't signposted and I had to climb over a couple of fences to get to the lane. That done, it was road walking for a few miles. Part of it was along the A395 but what made it moderately bearable was the good number of old and/or interesting cars on some sort of a rally.

Treneglos church (I think)

At a hamlet named Tresmeer, I stopped for a snack in the cemetery, looking at some of the gravestones. As I was sitting, an elderly lady entered with some flowers to leave on a grave. We got talking and in one of those coincidences that happen, it transpired that her daughter-in-law is the sister of someone I know back home. Amazing.

There really isn't anything to be said about the remaining few miles into Launceston. It was pleasant enough with open views to the south and the sun continued to shine.

Walking into Launceston

Launceston was well populated with young teenagers with not a lot to do. I scoffed a pastie with another to eat cold tomorrow. I then made my way out of town to pick up the Two Castles Way in the Tamar Valley. It was a short way along here that I left Cornwall behind and entered Devon.

I have found a small site just outside Lifton. Very friendly and I have the company of some sheep just a few feet away the other side of a fence.

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  1. What on earth are you going to do when there are no more pasties?? Greggs just isn't the same...