Thursday, 9 April 2009

Day 5 Thursday - Killaworgey to Hellandbridge

Walking 7.40am to 5.00pm
Distance walked 16 miles
Distance left 998 miles

I left early before the JCB started up and before Tim was about. I had a really good night's sleep. This was a great night's halt. I really struck lucky. It had rained a little during the night but I packed up in the dry although it came on to rain not long after. It rained on and off all day but it was not a great problem.

The way took me over Castle-an-Dinas, a neolithic camp, very windy but quite impressive. I made contact with my hosts for tonight at a call box at Tregonetha. A short way on, I saw a signpost for a hamlet named Demelza; surely the inspiration for Demelza in Poldark? Then on to Withiel, Ruthernbridge and on to the Camel Trail which I followed all the way to Hellandbridge, my hosts, David and Jill meeting me along the way. We shan't dwell on the wrong turning I took on the trail, heading into Bodmin! A little aberration.

Withiel church

At Ruthernbridge I came across this Morris Minor; there was possibly another but it was beneath a green tarpaulin.

We are now at a village near St. Endellion where, if I manage to stay awake, I shall enjoy a Messaien string quartet at St. Endellion Church, part of the Easter Festival there. Supper has been typical hiker's fare - starting with scallops, followed by rare fillet steak with frite followed by local cheeses and strawberries with clotted cream.


  1. Killaworgey and Hellandbridge - don't you just love the place names we have in this country?

    I see that you now have under 1000 miles to go - so well done for making that milestone!

  2. Hi Geoff

    Under 1000 miles to go! It's a breeze from now on. Best of luck for the rest of way.

  3. Hmmm. There's an example of husband and wife sitting in the same room, laptops on knees, and not conferring with each other about the comments they're posting! Great minds, and all that...

  4. Hi Geoff,
    Glad you survived the rain.

    Did you manage to replace the waterproof overtrousers in Truro? The old ones are on their way back to Chippy!



  5. Nice menu, Geoff. Wot? No beer?

  6. Oh you poor thing, having to put up with all that awful food :D