Friday, 29 August 2008

Friday 29th August: Ravenglass to Muncaster Fell

An uneventful train journey from Oxfordshire to Ravenglass. Only one connection missed but no great problem. A pot of tea consumed at the cafe on the Ravenglass/Eskdale station. We filled water bottles and started our two week epic hike to Lindisfarne.

The weather is set fair at least for the next day or so. Thunder storms are a possibility on Sunday. It's a calm evening now, very mild. The wild pitch somewhere on Muncaster Fell is on a raised grassy area with boggy bits all around. A meal has been consumed, a cup of real coffee drunk: all is well with the world.

The JVC Pocketmail I'm typing this on was a steal on Ebay for 99p [plus P&P]. It arrived yesterday. It worked using the home phone but I can't get it to connect with the Pocketmail number using a mobile. Will have to find a payphone.


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