Monday, 12 May 2008


All will be quiet in this neck of the woods until at least 26 May as this blogger is away on holiday. Don't even bother coming back before then.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Backpackers AGM

This was a well attended event with around 100 or so tents and three tarps at the camp site and a lot of new ones on display. Lots of familiar faces and some fellow bloggers as well.

The weather was better than forecast with rain only coming on Sunday morning. Saturday's main event was at the village hall in Ashford-in-the-Water, with traders offering lightweight gear that's not available in the shops and a lot of money changed hands. At the site, I was persuaded (by me) to buy a tent, a Wild Country Sololite, mainly for winter use when it's too inhospitable to use the tarp. It seems well designed and well made. It weighs 1.9kg which is acceptable. I wasn't wanting anything ultra-light as I have the tarp for that. Many thanks to Ali of Wild Country who very patiently demonstrated how it was set up.

I had to try it out so one night this week was spent in it in the back garden. It was a still night with no rain but it seems fine. Of course, it hasn't got anywhere near the space of the Golite Cave but that's fine. It's not meant to be a substitute and it will only be used on 10% of outings. Inside there are two pockets for personal items overnight and a hook for hanging a light from. There's room for a pack either in the inner or in the porch. There should be room for cooking in the porch, provided I can ensure that there's sufficient ventilation. The porch interior can be enlarged by taking a peg out and thereby shortening the length of the inner - a neat idea. I'll get away for a weekend with it some time to give it a good test.

The weekend was over all too soon and no real opportunity to get any serious walking done. Still, that wasn't the intention and there'll be more trips away as summer approaches.