Monday, 15 April 2019

Sörmlandsleden Day 5 - End of Stage 62 to Näslandet

Walking 7.45am to 3.30pm
Distance walked 19km

Cold overnight again, down to 0C, but plenty of sunshine today, clear blue sky and warming up a bit.

Really good walking. For the first time, had about a mile of road, before going into forest again. Replenished water from a spring. There are three springs along this stretch.

Nearby is Bondberga, a Bronze Age burial ground. Stopped briefly at the wind shelter by Stora Träsket (a lake) and signed the guest book as they like you to do whether or not overnighting. There was plenty of chopped wood underneath and behind the shelter, presumably provided by the association member responsible for this Stage. Also an axe in case more is needed.

I was going to top up water at the spring where the trail meets Hallsfjärden (fjord) but it was virtually dry. The water in the fjord was briny. Stopped for lunch overlooking the fjord.

Lunch stop

Emerging from the woodland, Stage 59 started, and a stretch of agricultural land with a rather grand old farmhouse. Lovely views to my right across the fjord.
A steep climb up to Sjövik, a big and long lump of rock with spindly trees and then down to more agricultural land, and Näs village. The original village and forest were burned by the Russians in 1719 but later rebuilt and is considered a good example of an 18th century village. Here I was able to get my water topped up by some friendly people sitting outside on a patio.

From Näs, a clear forest path for a couple of miles with the muddiest wet patch so far where a tree had come down. I managed to give it a wide berth by bush whacking. On the fifth day, I didn't want wet feet unnecessarily; they've stayed absolutely dry so far.

I could have gone further although 19 km is reasonable. I will shortly drop down to the road leading to the ferry at Sandviken to cross Skanssundet and will aim to get there in the morning. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the late afternoon sun amongst the trees, the only disturbance being a pine cone that dropped on to the tarp from high up.

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