Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Great English Walk Day 24 - 11 April 2018

Masham to Leyburn
Walking 9.30am to 2.15pm
Distance walked today 10 miles
Distance walked so far 375 miles
Distance left 208 miles

I had quite a leisurely start to the day and enjoyed a full English breakfast. My tent was completely dry, having been draped across the bath and shower screen all night, and much lighter to carry.

Out of Masham, I crossed the River Ure and took the minor road up the right hand side. At times there was a flow of water a quarter to half inch deep on the road surface and this resulted in slightly wet feet quite quickly. The road was also flooded on one side or another in places so I had to make sure there was no traffic before I walked in the middle of the road.

Past Charlcot, the metalled road became a track and was severely flooded now and then but I managed to get around each time, although once I nearly slipped and fell in; it was only a foot deep!

Further on, I stopped to chat with a fellow on a horse who told me I could get a cup of tea in the next village. So, in Thornton Steward, I looked out for the Institute building, essentially a small village hall maintained by volunteers and supported by donations. What an excellent place. I went in and made myself tea and there was a loo at the back. A local volunteer came in to do some cleaning and we passed the time chatting for a few minutes before he disappeared to get busy. He told me walkers make good use of the facilities.

From there, I walked through the parkland of Danby Hall, a very imposing residence. 

I had lunch in Spennithorne church. 

In the churchyard was a golden cross that had been brought back from Sebastopol during the Crimean War. 

Am camped at Cracken House campsite, a really excellent place, and here I have been joined by Howard Kelly, a fellow Backpackers Club member, who has travelled up from Hampshire to walk with me until Barnard Castle, which we should reach on Friday/Saturday. Richard, the owner, very kindly ran me into Leyburn, a mile away, as I needed to get some food supplies. He very generously donated my and Howard's camping fees to Ucare. Howard and I have had a meal and a pint at the Golden Lion in Leyburn. 

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  1. Hi Gaffers,

    A night of luxury and drying great for the new day.

    Ready to break through the 200 miles to go soon be into double digits.

    Magic continues time to get a fez or some potter bins!
    Hello Howard.

    Stride on!