Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Great English Walk Day 23 - 10 April 2018

South of Pateley Bridge to Masham
Walking 7.00am to 4.00pm
Distance walked today 17 miles
Distance walked so far 365 miles
Distance left 218 miles

It rained all night and all of this morning but I slept really well. There was a lot of groundwater and my feet were wet within seconds and stayed wet for the rest of the day. I decided to road walk where possible.

Reaching the communications mast at Guise Cliff, I dropped down to enter Guise Cliff Wood. This was the area I had planned to camp last night had I had time before the rain started. The path down to the village of Glasshouses was very wet and muddy.
The rain just didn't stop. I took a break in the porch of St. Michael's church in Wilsill. 

On the hill up to the B6265, I photographed a footpath just off the road that was cut in two by a rushing torrent and glad I didn't have to go that way. 

Crossing the B6265, I followed the quiet road up to Low Bishopside and Pateley Moor, the rain, fog and wind increasing as I gained height. It was a bit grim really. I didn't stop and kept going until, finally, after six miles I fell into The Queen's Head at Kirkby Malzeard which, thankfully, was open, although I was the only customer most of the time I was there. My wettest clothing was taken by the landlord's wife to be tumble dried while I tucked in to steak and ale pie, chips and peas. A fire was blazing. They looked after me so well. 

By the time I left, the rain had stopped and it was just foggy. Despite this, as the fields were so wet, I decided to treat myself to a B&B and booked a room at The King's Head at Masham, only a further four miles walk. It's an excellent place and all my kit is now dry. No more rain is forecast till the day after tomorrow. 


  1. Hi Geoff,

    It's just rain! Think of my pants analogy and that'll make ye smile!

    Magic is there and 'nowt wrong with a bit of slack packing.

    200 is close have a good day.

    Stride on!