Sunday, 7 January 2018

Great English Walk - planning

In the past, when undertaking long walks (a prime example being my LEJOG in 2009), I have planned my route and identified usually a campsite at the end of each day so that I've generally known where I will be each night. This time I shall not be doing that. In fact, I haven't even looked at campsite locations. I shall aim to camp every night (unless something else presents itself such as a bit of trail magic). Instead, I intend to camp wherever the fancy takes me and when I find a suitable spot, obviously well out of sight. All I need to do each day is to make sure that my 2 litre water belt is filled somewhere along the way.

What I have also tended to do on past trips is to post (or have posted) food resupply parcels a week at a time. Food would be the main items but also batteries, loo roll, wet wipes and maybe a razor. This time I shan't do that. Not only does it make my pack much heavier for the first couple of days after resupplying (and slow me down as a result) but, having explored my route, I shall be passing through villages with a shop where I can resupply two or three days at a time (sometimes less). The further north I go, the fewer shops there are but I shall get by.