Thursday, 25 May 2017

Pennine Way Day 1 - Edale to Crowden

Started walking 7.30am
Distance walked 16 miles
Arrived 6.30pm

Ready for the off - note the hair - shorn to a no 3
At the foot of Jacob's Ladder

Today was clear and sunny all day, quite hot at times. It started gently with a level walk across fields, passing through the little hamlet of Barber Booth before arriving at the foot of Jacob's Ladder, a stone stepped path, man made. The ascent wasn't difficult, just a steady ascent, quite steep. We stopped at the top in the only bit of shade available for a snack and I brewed some coffee.

Once we were on the Kinder plateau, the walking was quite easy to Kinder Downfall. There was very little water there and we were able to take a little shortcut across the stream. The clear path continued along the edge of the plateau before arriving at a steep stony descent and immediate ascent to Mill Hill. Here the PW turned right along a clear slabbed path over Featherbed Moss to cross the A57. We stopped for lunch just past Doctor's Gate, the course of a Roman Road.

The way to Bleaklow Head, unmistakeable with its large cairn and pole sticking out, was quite long and we stopped for a brief photo shoot before pressing on and then bearing west.

The long descent to Torside and its reservoir seemed to go on forever. We had some lovely clear views but the narrow path was quite rocky and undulating. Once across the end of the reservoir the path entered some woodland and then a narrow road to the Camping and Caravanning Club site at Crowden. Excellent showers. Today has been long and we were quite tired but a good day nonetheless. There were a fair number of other walkers, mainly just out for the day.

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