Monday, 17 April 2017

Leaving tomorrow

Off to the Peak District tomorrow, the first bit of backpacking since "the incision" in January. Walking from Edale to Parwich for the Backpackers Club Summer Gathering next weekend, maybe meeting up with others along the way. The weather forecast seems to be generally dry but not that warm.


  1. Hi I just read yr comment on Mike (the German) blog Off for a Hike. Get blogging young man, there people out here who want to read about it. Well, there's me anyway. So, having walked lejog in 09 do you now belong to an online group of lejoggers? Can you direct me to it please? I'm very impressed with 'Mike off for a hike' Fancy blogging in a 2nd language, it's like doing a foreign language lesson every evening after a long walk.

    1. Heather, I don't think there's an online group of LEJOGers but links to quite a few can be found at
      "Young man" - I'm flattered!