Wednesday, 14 October 2015

You can tell they're desperate when .......

There was a call on my mobile this morning. Not what I wanted when I was up to my eyeballs in work. It was a magazine company cold call. The lady reminded me that I had been a subscriber to Trail magazine. In fact, I bought the first issue (the magazine was originally called Trail Walker) and many after that and subscribed for several years. Why had I stopped taking it? I said that the content tended to be the same old same old and I had tired of it. She asked if I would be interested in three issues for a fiver. I said no thank you. Changing tack, she asked if I'd be interested in Country Walking, again no. What about Fishing? I said definitely not and she presumably went on to the next punter on her list, hopefully with more success. Nowadays, if I buy a magazine, it's an impulse buy. Often, it's when a particular article catches my eye but, so often, I'm disappointed as articles tend to be too superficial. I'm afraid that if I'm typical then print magazines are on the way out. In my view, there's so much better content on the internet to be had for no cost.


  1. I’m with you on this. My thoughts exactly. I was once inspired by the articles especially of walking in far of places and now i am sick of reading about the Lakes, etc etc, same old same old.

  2. This is where I've got to, as well. Once a year I buy TGO for the Challenge entry form, and that's it.

    Mind you, if someone were to do a series of articles on how to remember to pick your maps up before leaving the Bree Louise ...