Saturday, 16 May 2015

TGO Challenge Day 2 Saturday 9 May

Loch Nevis early morning
I left Sourlies Bothy a while before Darren and made a bit of a hash of getting up out of the valley and over the top to the two lochans. Everything looks different on the ground compared to the map and I kept too much to the northern side and so found myself too far over at the top. 

Looking back - Loch Nevis
After a while, I saw Darren quite a way below and managed to cut across to where he was correctly heading for a bridge over the river.  Not too much time was wasted.

Vanessa (from Lochinver), who had also been at Sourlies, was with us on and off and also where we stopped for lunch before the descent into Glendessarry. At one point, Vanessa stopped to take her waterproof off and never caught up with us. Darren later said she had dropped out with a possible angina pain.

Darren and I went on to Strathan where we parted company, he to find somewhere to pitch not too far away and me to head over the top to Kinbreak Bothy, which I didn't expect to reach until quite late. It was quite a haul up and at the top I stopped to get dinner going before continuing the last four kilometres or so to the bothy. However, I began to think I might run out of time so decided to find a pitch. It was all a bit boggy here but I managed to find a reasonable pitch just before the descent to the bothy at around NM995939. 16 km walked today; height ascended 862m; height descended 430m.

Day's end

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