Thursday, 14 May 2015

TGO Challenge Day 1 Friday 8 May

I checked out for the Challenge at the West Highland Hotel. Woe betide anyone who forgets to check out. The powers that be then assume that you haven't started and if you then meet with a problem along the way, Challenge Control won't raise any alarm.

I had filled my water belt with two litres of water, only to find that water was dripping out around the thread where the drinking tube attaches. I decided not to take it and Gayle will take it to Montrose for me to collect at the end. It wasn't a great issue as I have another water carrier with me.

Darren and me on the jetty
The ferry to Inverie left at 9.45 and the crossing was very smooth. 

The forecast for the day was sunny and dry and the views to the north particularly were glorious. At Inverie we stopped for tea, etc. at the tearooms before starting off. 

The trail was easy to follow because it was the only one. 

Looking back towards Inverie
We just needed to make sure we didn't miss the turn right leading to Gleann Meadail instead of straight on to Barrisdale. 

Just before the descent to Sourlies
After a while, the long gradual ascent started before dropping down to the bouncy bridge over the River Carnach. 

Darren bouncing across
It was then a very wet crossing of the marsh at the head of Loch Nevis. We eventually reached Sourlies Bothy where about eight of us are camped. 14 km walked today; height ascended 780m; height descended 792m. A relatively easy first day. 

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