Monday, 9 September 2013

Mountain Laurel Designs Little Star

This isn't a review, unfortunately. For some time, I've looked covetously at other hikers who have an MLD Trailstar. It's not exactly a tent but, on the other hand, I would say that it's not exactly a tarp either although it's nearer to a tarp than a tent. It doesn't have a base and has a permanently open entrance doorway. All the reviews of it give the impression that it's absolutely bombproof. My main reservation has been that, frankly, it's too big. Its footprint just takes up too much space. That's fine when out in the big wide open but in a more restricted area it's just too big. Now, I'm not one to collect shelters but I almost exclaimed out loud when I saw that MLD have now introduced the LittleStar, some 15% smaller although not smaller in price. In fact, it retails at the same price as the Trailstar, which is, for the silnylon version, is $210.00 (the cuben fibre version is $355.00). It weighs in at 13 ounces compared with 19 ounces for the Trailstar. I would love one but I probably don't need three shelters (I already have a Golite Cave tarp and a Terra Nova Laser Competition tent).

If Mountain Laurel Designs would care to lend me a LittleStar for review I would be very pleased. It looks just beautiful.

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