Sunday, 7 April 2013

SWCP Day 4

It was a good pitch last night in Embelle Wood. Underneath trees with a grass covered network of thin raised roots but not too bad. I lay down on it before pitching to make sure it would be reasonably comfortable. During the evening, I heard the squawk of an approaching pheasant and then a squawk of alarm as it veered away. I was in the only clearing, obviously Pheasant Aerodrome. Later, without warning of its approach, there was a flurry of wings when a pheasant came in to land and saw me and careered upwards. After that, I wasn't disturbed. I could see lights on the Welsh coast from where I lay.

It got a bit windy in the night but later calmed down and I was awake shortly after 6. The sky in the east was a vivid red so maybe the rain forecast for tomorrow may arrive today. I packed waterproofs at the top of my pack! I was away at 7.30 and had the wooded path to myself all the way to Porlock Weir where I stopped for coffee at the Ship Inn. On the way, two young deer crossed the path just ahead of me and I called in at Culbone church, tucked away in the wood. Most of the headstones were of members of the Red family, including Ethel Red (really).


 After Porlock Weir there was a flat walk on field paths to Bossington and then a long climb up towards Selworthy Beacon. I took the "rugged" SWCP alternative here but kept the sea views. Then a descent through woodland into Minehead.

A good few days. Great walking weather and no rain.
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